Sunday, August 30, 2009

Still in the Hospital

Well, here it is two weeks in hospital. Hopefully the new central line is placed tomorrow and hopefully they send us home on IV antibiotics this week! That's what we're praying for. We've ended up with 4 additional infections and we're so ready to get home and get back to normal. There's only so much normal you can make of the hospital. Although Joshua is such a good sport. He's made so many friends, the hospital staff loves him, can you blame them?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Joshua's come down with a yeast infection in his central line. Yeast is naturally in everyone's digestive tract and unfortunately, sometimes ends up in the bloodstream in people like Joshua. It colonized on his line (which is made of plastic and very attractive to bacteria and yeast.) The surgeon pulled out the old line and they want a complete course of antibiotics before they place the new one. We're looking at another week or so in hospital.
Pray that we stay infection free and that we can better control bacterial overgrowth in his little system.
I'll let everyone know when surgery date is scheduled.
Thank you for your prayers,