Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Honeymoon's Over

The past few weeks have been incredible for Joshua's therapy. We had one little set back with the flu, but Joshua recovered beautifully. Way better than ever before. Joshua's meeting his goals every time we turn around. He's tolerating oral stimulations, he tolerating undesirable textures, and trying new foods. We are still working on taking in more quantities of approved foods. 

One drawback to all this progress, Joshua's getting bored. He's easily distracted in therapy, not wanting to stay in his seat, asking me and his nurse questions. Now comes the underlying behavior issues. 
...The honeymoon's over. He loves his therapist, he still enjoys pleasing her and they make each other laugh, but the pressure on him now. Here comes the real work. We've had three and a half years of molding his eating behaviors into some very bad habits. Much of it is attributed to his health, but all the same the habits have been formed. 

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