Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Head is Spinning

Most of you know that we've spent the last four days in Pittsburgh for a small bowel transplant re-evaluation at Children's Hospital in Pitt. This is the second time we've been up there and it is quite an experience. They've got such a wonderful hospital and team, it's just an extremely intense stay. In less than four days we had a sonogram, upper GI - small bowel follow through, saw 5 physicians, 1 social worker, 1 educator and 1 dietitian and 1 wound care specialist.

SO, needless to say, my head is spinning!

There's so much to take in and process. They're making a few changes and suggesting some things that hopefully will make a difference. This week we should have another monometry test done, this time on his lower bowel. There's a possibility that a biopsy needs to be taken from the colon as well. The surgeon up there also mentioned that a STEP procedure could be beneficial as well.

Changes that are being set in motion already are: a new formula, discontinuing of probiotics, using ethanol to "lock" his central line a few times throughout the week to hopefully cut down infection and I got a great list of do's and dont's on his diet.

All in all a very successful trip.

So many people have made this entire experience possible. In efforts of not missing anyone, Justin and I want to just publicly thank our amazing family, friends and hospital staff here at Cook Children's. You've all gone above and beyond to help out Joshua and the rest of our family, whether it be monetarily, emotionally, taking care of arrangements or by keeping Caleb and Stephen in this tormoltuous time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And a big thanks to 5 South for always making us feel special and at home!

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