Saturday, June 16, 2012

Battling Summer with One Tube Behind His Back!

So far this summer Joshua has done remarkably well. I'm amazed at how his little body is copy through heat and humidity. In years past I've dreaded June. It never failed to bring with it dehydration and all expense paid stays at the local children's hospital! But, we've been to the beach, swam in the pool and played outside without any repercussions. THIS IS HUGE! I keep saying that, but I'm not sure just how many people "get it." THIS IS HUGE. August will make one whole year that Joshua has been off of tpn. If you'll remember he had a booger of a line infection that wouldn't clear and the docs had to pull the line. We experimented with him being off that support and sure enough, he did great! We've continued to supplement his electrolytes four times a day (which certainly does help tremendously) however, I'm wondering if the steroid shots we started Joshua on in May are playing any part in this? Whatever it is, I'm seeing a whole new boy and he won't be stopped! Watch out world! Praying that we will ride this wave through August!

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