Wednesday, June 3, 2009

At Cook Children's Again!

Well, here we are. Admitted once again, but it has been over a year since Joshua's last Central Line Infection. That's one a year so far. Much better stats than we were warned about in the NICU way back when. Joshua's short gut has exposed his blood to E-Coli which has now colonized on the tubing in his vein. We are praying it clears with antibiotics so that he doesn't have to have a new line put in (surgery!!!) Being that he's three, life as a patient who doesn't know he's sick is sure interesting. The buttons on the bed are quite fun and heaven forbid you get real into anything on t.v. cause the channel is likely to change any minute! It looks like we're here another 2-3 days at least too.

Pray for him and my patience!

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