Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's a Tert!

This past Sunday something wonderful happened. Something that occurred only once before. Something worth celebrating, but not for the squeamish! Joshua passed  a somewhat solid stool. It was just amazing. I said, "Look Joshua, it's a turd!" His face filled with pride, "A tert! There's a tert in my Pull-up!" Don't think I didn't consider taking a picture or saving it somehow! But, I didn't, relax. This was huge for us. I called Justin in from outside to show him and we hugged,wiping the tears out of our eyes. Only once before did he have something like this happen. All of his stools are always so loose. It breaks my heart. Well, we haven't had this experience again since, but hopeful there will be more "terts" in our future. Yeah Joshua!

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