Tuesday, November 24, 2009

70 mls/hr

There it is. 
Our goal. 
Our prayer. 

If Joshua can make it to 70 mls/hr of formula over 16 hours each day without trouble, his G.I. is ready to pull out his central line. 

We were handed this wonderful news monday at a routine checkup. He's at 51 mls/hr today and with consistent progression, we're only looking at 2-3 months left of TPN. Incredible! Joshua's surgeon warned us long ago that it may take years and years before this would happen and I've always been prepared to take his TPN and central line on into his preteen years. 

God please continue to heal my baby's body. If his central line is gone, so many threats are eliminated from our day to day lives. 

70 mls/hr, here we come...

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