Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just a Short Visit

Our home away from home, again.

Walking onto the fifth floor up from ER feels so natural. We were given our room number downstairs and my heart sighed, "Oh, good. Our old room!"

We were received with lots of familiar, warm smiles . Waves and hugs even. If we have to be in the hospital, at least we feel at home.

This stay should be one of the shortest. No infection, just dehydration. That has pretty much been corrected at this point. It only took an hour of IV fluids before Joshua sprang back to life. The dry, frail, tired little boy was once again perky, laughing and energetic.

What a relief!

Once the GI is certain his body is back in balance, we are safe to go home. Probably Monday. Not bad.

Justin and Caleb have been able to stay up here and I know that helps to keep Joshua's spirits up.

So, we're going home back on TPN. Oh, well.

I've finally come to terms with that. It's just not time yet. That's okay. His time will come. No doubt about it. In the Good Lord's care, anything's possible! He's taken care of Joshua his whole life. And it's not up to me to question His timing. Just gotta have faith.

Faith, what a strong trait. Faith and wisdom, we could all use a little more...

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