Thursday, April 15, 2010

Seen better days...

Today started out with a bang! Let's see, it started at about 4:00 a.m. Joshua moaned and groaned all night. He was miserable. Tummy hurt, had to go potty, thirsty, leg hurt. You name it. At one point Justin had taken him to the bathroom and he came back to bed nearly in tears. Our little boy is withering in front of our eyes. Uneasy about the whole thing, I slept with Joshua the rest of the night. When our nurse got there he woke up. And when she brought him into the living room it was obvious he was going to the Emergency Room.

So I called the on-call GI and told him what was going on. He agreed, Joshua was going in for assessment. Upon arrival it wasn't long before we were back in an exam room. (Doesn't usually take us long thanks to Joshua's VIP status!) Labs were drawn as well as a blood culture. IV fluids started and an IV antibiotic just in case. We were able to wiggle into a radiology room for an upper GI, small bowel follow through. Which I think doesn't look much different from the last one we did in Sept., although I've yet to hear the final result.

So far what I know is Joshua's loosing Sodium and Bicarbonate. His body is way out of whack. Our goal is to get him stabilized. When metabolically he's off kilter, he's in pain, he's lethargic, he's confused and very irritable. Not my little boy at all.

He's definitely in need of some fine tuning. My prayer is for his doctors' wisdom in his care. Small changes can make huge differences.

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