Saturday, April 24, 2010

NICU Reunion 2010

Today was Joshua's NICU's class reunion. Four years almost to the day, Joshua made the Harris Methodist NICU his home. He stayed an exhausting five and a half months, but we all came away with such a special place in our hearts for those unique doctors and nurses. That incredible staff nurtured, protected and loved our sweet baby to a healthy state, well enough to be entrusted in our arms.

Raising a child is such an important responsibility. But raising a child with special needs, what ever they may be, is an honor. All we did was step up to the plate. Grabbing the reigns and taking off without questioning why. I, myself, found handling our situation was much easier if I just looked at Joshua's special cares as just something I had to do. Just as a new mom learns how to care her newborn, I learned how to do sterile dressing changes, hang TPN/Lipids, start tube feedings and give meds through a g-button. All was taught by that incredible NICU staff. I'm so thankful for all the patience and guidance they showed me those 180 some odd days.

So, today was a treat, as always. We got to see many of those incredible angels that literally nursed our Joshua to life. It was just as wonderful seeing some of the inspirational families we've met along the way. I'm so proud to be a part of a special family and am thankful we were allowed to walk next door to make this year's reunion. I was afraid we weren't going to get to go, but as it turned out, Joshua's TPN had just finished and his doctor rounded in time.

On another note, we got the first results back on the extensive test GI ran on Joshua's small bowel motility. It wasn't good. It showed his intestine doesn't have much, if any movement. This is most likely causing the very first section of the bowel to dilate. It's what we were afraid we'd see. But his stomach should great movement.

We are anxiously awaiting word on what the GI wants to do now.

Please pray...

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