Sunday, October 24, 2010

Quality Time

We had such a great day today. It may have started out a little rough, but recovered beautifully. My mom came to visit this morning. Joshua always enjoys Kackie and the "purprises" she brings. Then a little later Daddy, Caleb and Stephen came to visit. They had come from church and were dressed so nicely. What a treat! The boys played well and napped too. Justin's cousin Sondra, aka Goober, dropped by as well. Never have I known someone so loyal and faithful. She always makes it a point to see us when we're in hospital, never empty handed either! Such a sweetheart she is! We also had a visit from Mr. Roy and Ms. Debbie. Thank you all so much for the special treats and the time you took out of your day to visit us. What a difference it makes.

When it came time for Justin and the boys to leave, Stephen began to cry. He realized Joshua and I weren't going. I was buckling him up in the carseat out front of the hospital and Joshua reached up and padded his hand.
"Here I am, Stephen." he said sweetly. He stepped up into the car and kissed Stephen's forehead. "I love you Stephen."
"I wuv you too." Stephen replied through sniffles.

I teared up instantly.

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  1. I asked Stephen this morning, "How is Joshua?" He said to me, "OK!" That was just before childrens church. So after when I was leaving, I told him to Joshua a kiss for me when he seen him...smiling, he says, "OK Ms Wisa." I sure hope that Joshua got my kisses! Stephen took some with him!