Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"All bets are off"

The last few days have ended most unpleasantly. Monday and Tuesday nights were really rough on Joshua. Retching and gagging relentlessly. We've had to decompress his tummy and hold all feeds for hours. The only change we had made in his schedule or diet is to start up an antibiotic that he's been on several times before. He needs to take antibiotics on a regular schedule to help control the bacterial overgrowth he experiences in his gut. So I asked if we should hold that med, and the GI agreed. So far so good. Trial and Error. Trial and Error! You never know what going to happen. Joshua doesn't follow any rules, in fact when I asked if this med could be causing his uncomfortable episodes, his GI said, "No, it shouldn't make a difference, but with Joshua, all bets are off!"

How true is that?

All bets are off.

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