Friday, May 28, 2010

You know your kid's chronic when...

As many of you know we are once again patients of Cook Children's. Cant' say how much we love this place! Joshua was admitted Wednesday night after suffering another bad day of dehydration. He required two bolus saline infusions at home this week and still just couldn't maintain hydration.

Still don't know what's going on.

Our doctor comes on this weekend so hopefully we see some action. I'm hoping he'll have some spectacular idea to try. But, if not Pittsburgh is just a flight away. We're waiting for insurance's approval and we'll be able to get up there in June. It's been two years since we lasted visited them, I'm anxious to see what they think and if they have any new ideas.

So, back to the subject. We were admitted Wednesday and our favorite floor was full. So we ended up somewhere new. Don't like somewhere new. There's nothing to complain about, it's just new.

Today a very nice volunteer came into our room and asked if there was anything she could get us. In hopes to rejuvenate Joshua's spirits, I asked for the red tricycle he's come to love. She came back with it about fifteen minutes later. She said they must really like him up there, the child life specialist knew exactly who this was for and said to tell Joshua Hi!

So, out and about we decided to visit our favorite floor. It was once again like coming home. We were greeted with smiles and hugs. They wanted to know where we were staying and were sorry we weren't with them. Back in the room, a little while later, the charge nurse from the other floor comes into the room and asks if we want to move to her floor! Without a doubt!

So we pack up all our things and move out. The care partner and nurse that helped us move understood why we were changing rooms the minute we stepped onto the floor. In our room we were greeted with the sweetest Welcome sign, signed by many of the staff members. Ahhh, Home!

So, you know your kid's chronic when...

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  1. Your post brought tears to my eyes...tears of warm joy knowing there are loving, caring nurses at Cook's hospital who know it's not just medication that helps's love! God bless the staff at Cook's and God bless Joshua. I wish health for your little man and pray Pittsburgh has all the right answers.