Monday, May 24, 2010

What goes up...

The doctors in Pittsburgh asked that Joshua have a barium enema before we headed up there these upcoming months. We were able to get that scheduled today. Thankfully Justin was available to go with me. To say the least it was quite a traumatic experience, it was pretty hard on Joshua too!

Cook Children's has such a wonderful group of angels called Child Life Specialists. What would we do without them? The Child Life employee that was assigned to Radiology today was a God send. She really made Joshua prepared for what was going to happen. He knew exactly what was coming next. Unfortunately, he was still very, very upset. Screamed and cried throughout the whole process. Needless to say, he got himself a $15.00 Gift Shop Matchbox car out of this deal!

The official report is still in work, but unofficially his large bowel seems to be functioning normally as well as the section of bowel between the small and large intestine. That's the area of concern. One answered prayer down...

Keep sending them up!

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